VitaRehabWeek Congress 2019 became the largest scientific and practical event on medical rehabilitation, health resort treatment and sports medicine held outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg.VitaRehabWeek Congress 2019 became the largest scientific and practical event on medical rehabilitation, health resort treatment and sports medicine held outside of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

What will VitaRehabWeek-2020 be like?
The III Vita Rehab Week International Congress will become one of the most noticeable scientific and practical activities in 2019 not only in the Urals and Siberia Region but also in Russia.

The year 2020 has affected all spheres of life, so we decided to hold this year Congress in an online format to safeguard our participants from COVID-19. 

During the Congress the leading-edge solutions for online events will be used, providing several halls for academic reports and hands-on workshops, opportunity to interact and view a large amount of additional information.

Participation in the online Congress VitaRehabWeek-2020 is a unique opportunity to listen to live reports of the most acknowledged scientists and practitioners from all over Russia and abroad, who will share their practical expertise and best practices, learn the latest updates on advanced technologies, new approaches and methods in the field of medical rehabilitation, health resort treatment and sports medicine. The online format allows attending hands-on workshops that teach how to work with modern medical equipment.


The scientific agenda of the Congress consists of 4 interrelated areas:


Section name

October 13

«Medical rehabilitation of patients at stages 1, 2 and 3»

October 13

«Modern technologies of health resort treatment»

October 14

«Pediatric neurology. Modern rehabilitation methods»

October 14

 «Innovations in sports medicine»


- Russian and foreign scientists working in the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation;

- Rehabilitation physicians, physiatrists, neurologists, trauma and orthopaedic surgeons from leading rehabilitation centers and health resorts;

- Experts in sports medicine and physiotherapists;

- Developers and suppliers of innovative medical equipment.
Key Congress objectives:
Key Congress objectives:
- introduction of medical doctors and specialists with innovative technologies and the latest scientific and technical achievements in medical rehabilitation, sports medicine and health resort treatment.

- sharing experiences between leading specialists in medical rehabilitation: rehabilitation physicians, traumatologists, neurosurgeons, neurologists, orthopedists, physiotherapists and sports doctors from various regions of Russia, near and far abroad.
Video about the VITA REHAB WEEK 2019 Congress
How to sponsor the event?
If you are a manufacturer or supplier of medical equipment and wish to demonstrate your product's capabilities to the medical audience (e.e., make a presentation, conduct a workshop), please fill out the form below
What participants of the previous Congress say:

Mikhail Eryomushkin, Head of Clinical Biomechanics and Remedial Gymnastics Department of the National Medical Research Center for Rehabilitation and Balneology, Moscow:

"I am surprised how organizers managed to hold such a global event on their own. Many good specialized conferences are held in Moscow nowadays, but in my opinion it is necessary to hold them in regions as well. We will surely support the VITA REHAB WEEK-2019 Congress!"


Roza Utebayeva, reabilitologist, ‘Luch’ Neurorehabilitation Center, Kazakhstan:

"Thanks a lot to the organizers for the warm welcome during this cold October time, for such exclusive attention for everyone who arrived at the Congress. And also for the faultless organization of the event and for the mass of useful information for us, rehabilitation professionals."


Anton Yepifanov, Doctor Yepifanov’s Clinic Director, Samara:

"Though I constantly track trends I saw new for me equipment at the Congress. There were many useful master classes – it is always interesting to look how to work with modern medical equipment, to learn more about techniques. Many instruments for active and passive rehabilitation were presented."


Anna Korelina, Physical Rehabilitation Methods Department Chief of the Regional Specialized Center for Medical Rehabilitation ‘Ozero Chusovskoye’, Ekaterinburg:

"I was only at the Congress for one day. I was impressed: there was a lot of useful and interesting information. As for the exhibition: much of the equipment is familiar. I happened to visit master classes in a stabilograph, the ‘Levitas‘ system and the ‘Hand Tutor’ glove. I liked the way the speakers were introduced very much! Lunches were quite good and in a smart hall. Unambiguously I recommend visiting the Congress".


Sergey Sakharov, Deputy CEO for Medical Work of the ‘Bolshoy Taraskul’ Rehabilitation Center, Tyumen Region:

"I am very much interested in medical rehabilitation. I liked everything at the Congress: from the plenary part to discussions. In my opinion the subject of state procurement legal aspects for medical institutions raised during the discussion was very important. I’d like to see more examples though… I attended master classes in the exercise machine HUBER, in the Intelect Advanced and BTL-6000 devices. I tested a lot of things on myself. I liked the exhibition very much. Surely we will come next year, maybe as speakers."

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October 13-14, 2020